Strangeweather live at Thirst For Light

Strangeweather played our new song Syrinx at Thirst for Light, a Cascadian Summer Solstice music festival. Someone taped it, hooray and thank you. This song is inspired by the mythological story of Syrinx, a nymph who fled the unwanted advances of Pan and was transformed into a reed in her escape. Pan then cuts the reed to make his flute or syrinx. There have been some interpretations of this story in music and art, but I find that some of them seem to sympathize with Pan’s mourning the loss of his “love.” I interpret this story differently, from Syrinx’s perspective, and as an allegory for the transformations people go through in their plights to survive. We are forced to adapt, we lose some of our identity, gain some other aspects, but it changes us.

Click here to view the video, thanks and enjoy. 


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