Knotted Orbits is one of those albums that is breathtaking in its density. Brenna Sahatjian brilliantly weaves punk and folk together, adding tense chamber string arrangements to ratchet up the song’s emotional stakes…Sahatjian is as keen an observer of politics as she is of nature and individuals. Knotted Orbits is a huge accomplishment in a tiny package: one of those rare albums that encapsulates the totality of our existence without ever diluting or simplifying the strange chaos that makes us human.

-Adobe and Teardrops

Brenna Sahatjian truly understands economy of words. Sahatjian’s new album, Knotted Orbits, weaves complex themes of the environment, the search for self, and political attacks on the two into eight songs that straddle folk, punk, and grunge.

-Wide Open Country


Personal, mythological, slyly political…
-Antiquated Future

Brenna’s music has the hope of an unapologetically defiant young person and the vision of a wise old witch conjuring a world free from compromise, where we can lay down the burdens of disconnection and dissociation.

-Adhamh Roland


Brenna Sahatjian’s music stitches together the shameless truth-telling of a (not quite) reformed juvenile delinquent, and the passion of an ernest, knife wielding, botany-loving, queer feminist. She brings her magic and musical genius to several different collaborative projects (which are always amazing), but her solo work will have you weeping the name of your continuation-high-school crush, waking up in fields of overgrown berries, and hearing songs in the tired howls of a city at sunrise. Brenna’s musical genius interrogates systems of oppression in ways that, to me, truly defines art-activism. If you don’t know her work, you’re seriously missing out!
-Annah Anti-Palindrome

Brenna’s well honed musical cunning including (but not limited to) her sick and distinctive sinuous-grunge guitar style and potent lyricism, here drenched in a dreamy sonic atmosphere as moody as it is catchy

-Joshum Hardy

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  1. The natural juxtaposition of her pitch perfect vocals against the jagged words woven with expansive imagery – it is a world of dichotomies. This balance is always the most difficult thing to reconcile in songwriting and Brenna’s discography proves, with hard work in experimentation, this can be achieved. A good song just moves you, takes you somewhere else, into their world, and it just makes you wonder. The things that draw me in to this world are the haunting self-harmonizations, the beauty brought forth from dissonant chords of guitar and warm expanding cello, and the unflinching way all of this is reorganized to perform a head forward punk anthem or a tender folk dirge. Brenna is always pushing the line – even ones she’s made for herself. On top of being an excellent artist in this way, she is truely a generous and awesome person.

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